GoPro Timelapse

Screenshot of the GoPro Time Lapse application.
Screenshot of the GoPro Time Lapse application.


GoPro Time Lapse Generator allows you to create time lapse movies from videos taken by a GoPro action camera (or any other device recording .mp4-files). By giving you the possibility to specify a target duration, you can create time lapses very easily even from a large number of video files. Internally, GoPro Time Lapse Generator uses FFmpeg and takes care of passing all the required parameters to it.


Creating a time lapse using GoPro Time Lapse Generator is really simple:

  1. Install the prerequisites, download and launch the application as described below
  2. Add the files which you want to combine into a time lapse. Use “Add File” to add individual files, “Add Directory” to add all files within one directory and “Add Directory Tree” to add all files in a directory and its sub-directories. Note that the application will automatically determine the length of the videos you add.
  3. Specify where to save the result. This can be any location on your computer.
  4. Enter the desired length of the resulting video. Based on the length of the input files, the video will automatically be accelerated to meet this length.
  5. Optionally, set a different value for the FPS (30 should be fine for most cases)
  6. Hit start, lean back and watch how your time lapse is generated for you

Questions and Feedback

Feel free to use the comment section below to post questions and to suggest features. If you wish, you can also create an issue on GitHub.

Download and Prerequisites

The aplication requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 which can be downloaded via Windows Update or directly at Microsoft.
In addition, you need to download and extract FFmpeg and add it to your PATH-environment variable. Alternatively, you can copy the application into the bin-directory of FFmpeg and run it from there.

You can run it directly from your browser using ClickOnce (providing you with automatic updates as they become available in the future), download it as an executable file or build it yourself from the sources. Note that the ClickOnce installation might trigger a Windows SmartScreen warning which can be safely dismissed by clicking on “More” and “Run Anyway”.

ClickOnce Installation of GoPro Timelapse

Download GoProTimelapse.exe

Source code on GitHub.