Journey of Code is my personal blog which is currently being built. My vision is to create a place collecting interesting thoughts, snippets and discoveries made while developing small applications and trying out new technologies.

Topics include, but are not limited to programming languages such as Java, C# and JavaScript, technologies and frameworks for building desktop applications, websites and mobile applications.

Who am I?

While I am not working as a software developer, I still work in the IT industry. I have been programming since an age of about 13 years.
As I have not yet decided whether I will be publishing this blog under my real name, more information will follow soon.
With English not being my main language, pointing out mistakes in my writing is encouraged!

Why “Journey of Code”?

Finding a non-occupied domain name in today’s times is not easy. Thus, I was very pleased when I discovered that journeyofcode.com had not been taken yet and immediately took ownership of it. For me, writing code is similar to taking a journey: While the goal / destination might be defined more or less clear, it is the process of getting there which is what is all about. At many steps, decisions on how to proceed need to be made all while not losing track of the overall goal. For the developer himself, the journey of code means continuous learning and self-improvement. Through this blog, I invite you to be part of my personal journey in writing code by sharing some of the waypoints and stations with you.

Header image

The header image was taken during a road-trip through the US in Arches National Park in Utah. Feel free to visit the place on Google Street View.